Leveraging 2024 Editorial Trends for Your Marketing Strategy
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Leveraging 2024 Editorial Trends for Your Marketing Strategy

Jan. 18, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of B2G marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. At GovExec’s 2024 Market Preview, Hilery Sirpis, GovExec SVP and Group Publisher of SLED, and Frank Konkel, GovExec VP of Editorial, discussed the trends shaping 2024 and topics our reporters are following closely. GovExec 360 publications are leading the charge in pivotal areas such as AI, Cybersecurity, and Elections. Here is a breakdown of the conversation.

AI: The Frontier of Government Innovation

GovExec 360 Coverage

  • Nextgov/FCW. Editorial coverage will focus on Generative AI's surge, including the rapidly evolving landscape and its applications within federal strategies and policy-making. Reporters will also feature specialized editorial projects spotlighting AI in action, including early use cases, benefits, and challenges of AI in government initiatives.


  • Educate and Engage with Events. Collaborate with GovExec 360 Editorial experts to host sessions elucidating AI's transformative potential within federal contexts in critical areas like CX and cybersecurity.
  • Tailored Content. Develop content that delves into AI success stories and its pivotal role in reshaping government services. Or, tap into the award-winning Studio 2G to help tell your story while delivering informative content.

Cybersecurity: Safeguarding Digital Frontiers

GovExec 360 Coverage

  • Nextgov/FCW. In-depth coverage on Zero Trust architecture and the paradigm shift from perimeter-based security to granular access controls.
  • Washington Technology. Comprehensive insights into the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), its implications, and implementation strategies.
  • Defense One. Focus on how CMMC and other cybersecurity measures are reshaping defense strategies and acquisitions.
  • Route Fifty. Examining the impact of the whole-of-state approach where states are taking ownership of local governments’ cybersecurity issues.


  • Workshops and Training. Collaborate with GovExec 360 Events, Professional Development Academy, and ATARC to demystify emerging principles, technologies, and their application within government entities.
  • CMMC preparedness. Offer resources and guides, leveraging editorial insights, to navigate CMMC's evolving landscape.

Elections: Upholding Democratic Processes

GovExec 360 Coverage

  • Nextgov/FCW. Exploration of the amplified risks of misinformation in the digital age and strategies to fortify transparent electoral processes.
  • Government Executive. Anticipatory insights on policy and reform, emphasizing potential civil service changes, electoral advancements, and legislative shifts. Comprehensive coverage detailing how the administration change will mold federal operations, policies, and strategic trajectories.


  • Informative Editorial Briefings. Collaborate with GovExec 360 to address potential policy shifts, electoral influences, and stakeholder dynamics.
  • Digital Alignment. Harness spikes in readership around election time to boost brand awareness, generate thought leadership, and procure leads through GovExec 360 sites.

Develop Your 2024 Plan

Plan your 2024 around editorial themes to standout the most with government leaders. GovExec’s editorial moments open the door to strategic networking, unparalleled brand visibility, and timely engagement opportunities. Streamline your 2024 strategy by planning activations around these multi-pronged tactics that engage decision-makers, gain influence, enhance brand visibility, and secure a competitive edge.

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