About GovExec

Our Mission.

As the people of the United States, we call on our Federal, State, and Local governments to tackle monumental challenges: rebuild cities after natural disasters; improve life for homeless vets and struggling families; protect our borders, power grids, and computer networks from bad actors; and that is just the beginning. At GovExec, our mission is to catalyze the government to deliver on their promises efficiently and effectively. We provide essential sales and marketing intelligence that connects the government and the contractors who support their strategic initiatives. Our cutting-edge intelligence, technology, and content enables leaders to focus on their mission, pursue excellence, and ultimately make the world a better place.

Our Story.

In March of 2020, we committed our entire organization to creating the leading sales and marketing intelligence company serving the public sector. Our foundation is the unmatched power of real-time network intelligence derived from over 4 million government decision makers. We have built on that foundation by launching innovative new data products, investing in robust technology solutions, and acquiring strategically aligned partners. Over 1,000 clients have deployed our data and intelligence, research and insights, and decision influence solutions.

"We understand how to get the government mission done, and regardless of who you are, we understand how you can support that mission to achieve great results."

Tim Hartman, Chief Executive Officer, GovExec


GovExec is powered by talented, passionate, innovative leaders committed to catalyzing the government mission.

Peter Goldstone


Tim Hartman

Chief Executive Officer

Constance Sayers

Chief Revenue Officer

Matthew Flynn

Chief Financial Officer

Anna Mann

Senior Vice President, Talent and Culture

Tom Allon

Publisher and General Manager, City and State

Ray Peterson

Executive Vice President, Forecast International

Kevin Baron

Executive Editor, Defense One

Lou Anne Brosman

Strategic Advisor, Government Marketing University

Tanya Ballard Brown

Executive Editor, Government Executive

Adam Mazmanian

Executive Editor, FCW

Aaron Heffron

President of Research and Forecasting

Daniela Fayer

Group Publisher, Defense

Jay Hariani

Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, GovTribe

Frank Konkel

Executive Editor, Nextgov

Heather Kuldell

Editor in Chief, GovExec

Troy Schneider

President, GovExec360

Nate Nash

Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, GovTribe

Ralph Ortega

Editor in Chief, City and State

Tim Rahschulte

Executive Vice President, Professional Development Academy

Hilery Sirpis

Group Publisher, SLED

Elle Hempen

Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, The Atlas

Ellory Monks

Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, The Atlas

Nick Wakeman

Editor-in-Chief, Washington Technology

Susan Miller

Executive Editor, GCN

Andrew Werner

Senior Vice President and Group Publisher of Federal Brands

Lauren C. Williams

Senior Editor, Defense Systems