GovExec Acquires Atarc, The Leading Convenor Of Government, Industry, And Academia To Solve The Government’s Challenges
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GovExec Acquires ATARC, The Leading Convenor Of Government, Industry, And Academia To Solve The Government’s Challenges

June 1, 2023

WASHINGTON, DC -- June 1, 2023 — GovExec, the market-leading sales and marketing intelligence company for government leaders and contractors, announced today that it has acquired The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC), the trusted leader in convening stakeholders from the federal government, academia, and industry in collaborative forums to identify, discuss and resolve emerging technology challenges. The financial terms of the investment are not being disclosed. The announcement was made by Tim Hartman, CEO of GovExec. Peter Goldstone, Chairman of GovExec, served as an advisor, and the deal was completed with financial support from mid-market private equity firm Growth Catalyst Partners (GCP).

ATARC will remain an independent division, led by Tom Suder. The organization will have greater access to investment, infrastructure, and the ability to expand into new areas of government, including state and local, and connect with more federal and defense government leaders that GovExec already serves. With this announcement, GovExec reinforces its leadership role in helping government fulfill its mission, reach new audiences in the federal space, and continue to improve how the public and private sectors work together in the process.

“Government leaders want and need greater access to the latest innovations to solve today’s challenges,” said Tim Hartman, CEO of GovExec. “We are in an enviable position because we serve both the government customer and the contractor. The government customer is rapidly changing how it buys, and it is critical to build trust with them. ATARC is the leader in convening government with the greatest minds in industry and academia to help solve their immediate challenges. They have built an unmatched reputation and we are very proud to have them as part of GovExec.” 

As a part of the acquisition, GovExec will incorporate ATARC’s insights into its coverage and events and utilize the intent data from GovTribe to strengthen ATARC’s sightline into emerging trends. This collaboration will create more opportunities for government leaders to find solutions to their technology challenges and for contractors to access solutions throughout the planning, capture, and business development cycle.  

ATARC Founder & CEO, Tom Suder stated, “We have spent the last 10+ years building an incredible organization that helps the government tackle its most pressing issues and find solutions to aid in fulfilling its mission. We will continue to work alongside federal government leaders while we also expand to work with government leaders in state and local and defense. This is an incredible opportunity for us to scale and have more infrastructure behind us to serve more leaders.”

GovExec provides the most cutting-edge sales and marketing intelligence across federal, state and local, and defense. The unmatched suite of tools helps government and industry connect to bring more state-of-the-art innovations to bear to help the government fulfill its mission effectively. 


About GovExec:

GovExec’s data and insights set the standard for depth, accuracy, and impact for government leaders and contractors. GovExec provides data-driven strategic sales and marketing intelligence solutions that accelerate revenue growth to fuel market success. The platform is powered by the largest and most sophisticated database in the public sector, reaching over 3.3 million government influencers each month. 


ATARC is a nonprofit organization that facilitates collaboration between government, industry and academia in order to accelerate technology modernization initiatives. We provide ongoing opportunities for cross-agency collaboration through onsite and digital interaction, learning, and market research. Through participation in in-person and virtual events, Working Group forums, and access to informational resources, ATARC offers its community a trusted environment for meaningful thought leadership exchange.

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