The Power of Video in Marketing
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The Power of Video in Marketing

July 10, 2024

Video is by no means a new medium in advertising. The first video ad appeared in 1941 before a game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies, underscoring its enduring power.

My, we have come a long way.

Now, we’re bombarded with video ads. Advertisements become white noise when they’re in our faces day after day. We tend to tune them out, much like the drone of that AC you’ve meant to fix. Despite this, 45% of marketers say that video is the most effective medium.

In an age of ubiquitous video ads, a creative approach is more crucial than ever to ensure your campaign doesn't get lost in the noise. It's time to stand out from the crowd.

Take this GovExec TV ad, for example:

It tells a story that doesn’t hit you over the head with a sales pitch. You’re brought into a private moment (a meeting of the Scrabble minds) with the “players” and the “rules” of the government “game.” But you’re never told the rules or the players, creating a sense of urgency for the audience to get in the know (with GovExec TV).

Public sector content tends to be solemn, which is appropriate in many cases. However, there are opportunities to add lightheartedness where the subject matter isn’t deadly serious.

George Jackson, Executive Producer of GovExec TV, has learned this through a career spanning decades in the industry. From on-air reporting to documentary and TV production and winning an Emmy (among a host of other awards) for his groundbreaking work, Jackson knows what sticks with an audience.

In the GovExec TV ad above, Jackson freely displays his knack for creative storytelling in a Scrabble battle with the one and only David Powner, Former Director of the Government Accountability Office (did you recognize him?).

In this instance, the “game” is about getting in the right room, knowing the right people, and playing the right way to win.

GovExec TV can get you there.

Here are even more reasons why video is paramount to an effective marketing strategy.

Boost Engagement

  • Whether it's a captivating story or an informative message, videos resonate with viewers more than text or images alone. Create engaging experiences to boost interaction and brand awareness.

Remove Barriers

  • Video content, easily accessible on mobile devices, offers a straightforward and powerful way for government marketers to reach their target audience. This accessibility empowers you to rise above the clutter and deliver your message directly.

Educate and Inform

  • Video allows government marketers to convey complex information in a clear and digestible format. Whether demoing products, showcasing success stories, or raising awareness about important issues, videos are powerful educational tools.

Connect Emotionally

  • Video can evoke emotions and connect on a deeper level. By telling compelling stories and showcasing real people and experiences, you can forge stronger emotional connections with your audience. This connection leads to trust, loyalty, and advocacy, which are essentially gold in the government marketplace.

Measure Results

  • Video content is changing the game by allowing government marketers to track metrics such as audience insights, views, engagement, and conversions. For example, videos uploaded to LinkedIn let you see which companies, job titles, and locations your viewers came from. This data-driven approach allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your efforts and optimize your future video tactis, giving you a sense of control and strategic direction.

Heat up your strategy with GovExec TV by incorporating our innovative storytelling techniques and engaging content into your marketing campaigns.

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