Top Ten Reasons to Attend GAIN
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Top Ten Reasons to Attend GAIN

Grow, Accelerate, Innovate and Network!

Sept. 13, 2022

Join us on October 18th at GAIN, the premier conference focused on training, research insights, networking, and members-only experiences to boost your brand. Here are the top ten reasons you should register today:

1. Dr. Zoe Chance. Are you equipped to make a lasting impact on yourself, within your teams, and with your customers? Dr. Zoe Chance will join GAIN 2022 to turn our collective knowledge into practice, sharing ways to tap into your already brewing superpower: influence. Walk away with research-based strategies, personal anecdotes, and a little extra spark to make a difference in the work you do and the positive results it drives.

Dr. Chance has a doctorate from Harvard and teaches Yale School of Management’s most popular course, Mastering Influence and Persuasion. Her international bestseller, Influence Is Your Superpower, teaches you how to change your life, your organization, and become a better marketer through ethical influence. In this book, Dr. Chance notes a direct correlation between influence and marketing. “Being influential gives us the ability to create change, direct resources, and move hearts and minds,” Dr. Chance says. 

2. Face-to-face community connections. GAIN is back in person to foster relationship building among your peers and building out your network of colleagues and friends. 

3. Networking opportunities. Speaking of networking, all GAIN attendees will take a break from workshopping and learning to connect with colleagues, sponsors, and peers! Find a new mentor. Get advice on a challenge at work. Whether you are joining in-person or virtually, take advantage of the minds of your fellow GAINers. Networking breaks are included throughout the day’s agenda, so you won’t miss any opportunities to make your next great contact!

4. Marketing 4 the Public Sector Study (M4PS) with Market Connections. In its 14th year, the Marketing 4 the Public Sector study (M4PS or "Maps," formerly titled FMMS) has shifted focus and broadened its scope to further empower marketers with the knowledge they need to perfect their marketing plans, campaigns, and content.  Whether you are interested in a broad awareness campaign or a more focused agency-based marketing effort, this presentation contains valuable, trusted data and insights you and your team can take action on. Join in for good food and a hot-off-the-press overview!

5. Choose your GAIN journey. Throughout the day, you will have the choice of attending six workshops scaffolded to meet you and your organization's needs. Led by notable experts in the industry, each session will leave you with actionable takeaways to ensure your success in 2023. Breakout session highlights include:

Track A: Marketing Tips and Trends to Make Your 2023 a Smashing Success

  • AM Session: The Next Government Goldmine. The past year brought forward a wave of critical government initiatives and major funding efforts. Key to your marketing strategy must be aligning efforts with these newfound focuses. Tap into the minds of senior leaders to better understand how they’ve pivoted strategies to stay connected with the American Rescue Plan, Infrastructure Bill, TMF awards, CX Executive Order, and beyond.
  • PM Session: Digital Marketing Evolution. You have the budget, now what? This workshop will help you identify where to be spending your money and why. Leave with a well-built digital marketing strategy, replicable templates, step by step approaches and expert commentary to get the most out of your marketing dollars. 

Track  B: Carve Out Your Niche and Conquer the Clutter

  • AM Session: Repositioning Yourself in the “New Approach to Cloud.” The pandemic changed work and the world as we know it. For one, many agencies were forced to quickly adopt and expand their cloud networks. As a post-pandemic world takes on a new shape, so does the world of cloud. How are you preparing your marketing strategy to align with a new, multi-cloud market? Stay ahead of the latest insights on this changing landscape and make sure you aren’t getting left behind.
  • PM Session: Breaking Through the Noise in a Crowded Cybersecurity World. Cybersecurity leaders protecting critical government infrastructure are tasked with a seemingly impossible mission: keeping pace with a rapidly evolving threat landscape. New tools and techniques are pushed to decision-makers daily, overcrowding an already hard to navigate environment. How do you find your place in all the noise? How do you carve out your corner of the market? And where is there room for you? Hear from marketers and channel leaders on building strategies for zero trust architecture, identity and access management tools, end-to-end encryption and beyond.

Track C: The Key to Breaking Into New Markets

  • AM Session: Marketing to State and Local Government. The State and Local Government sector is unique in many ways, as should be your marketing strategy. Perfect your approach with a better understanding of how to leverage tailored messaging, engagement and buying trends. Walk away with best practices and strategies that actually work.PM Session: Priorities for
  • PM Session: Priorities for Defense and Intel. Continue the conversation on breaking into new markets with this session on the key priorities for the defense and intel community. Hear from a panel of experts and government marketers who have cracked the marketing code on this corner of the industry.

6. Innovation spotlights. Case studies can go a long way when you’re looking to tap into the mind of leaders in business-to-government marketing and sales. These Innovation Spotlights at GAIN will leave you with the tools and insights you need for your next creative push. 

7. 7 Trends That Will Drive The Year Ahead. We’re going to share data-backed intelligence that will provide unparalleled insights on how to create dynamic marketing plans for 2023. You don’t want to miss this session!

8. Industry innovators. Innovators from across the industry will share fast-paced, imagery based presentations. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel in this industry. We’re here to learn from one another’s successes and failures and move forward as better innovators and leaders in doing so. 

9. Capital One Hall. The elegant Capital One Hall located in Tysons, Virginia is the ultimate backdrop for this premier conference. From sleek classrooms for breakout sessions, to networking in the gorgeous atrium, Capital One Hall is sure to impress.

10. GAINer Awards. As the day comes to a close, we will take time to recognize the best in the industry. Who has excelled in their career by taking risks, pushing the limits and achieving stand out successes in B2G marketing? Who is truly setting the standard for government marketing excellence? This year’s GAINer Awards will be presented to the most fearless thought leaders and government marketers. Don’t miss out on the ceremony or the chance to nominate someone.

What are you waiting for? Register now!

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