5 Tips to Supercharge Your B2G Social Media Plan
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5 Tips to Supercharge Your B2G Social Media Plan

Oct. 20, 2022

We’re living in the age of the influencer. Across the internet, friends and strangers share their experiences — and people take heed. For many commercial brands, leveraging these influencers can lead to big payoffs in brand lift and sales. Influencers are a crucial part of any marketing funnel within any business-to-consumer marketing campaign. Not only do they help drive sales, but they help raise brand awareness

For contractors, influencer marketing may seem incompatible with the current market, but much like any new offering, if your consumer doesn’t know about your product then they won’t know it’s available for purchase. And in a crowded field of contractors, solutions, and technologies, brand awareness is the key to reaching government decision-makers and keeping your brand top of mind. 

The good news is that GovExec has the right tools and personnel to help you reach your target audience. 

Partnering with GovExec to deliver smart, targeted social media marketing is an efficient and cost-effective approach to reaching those decision-makers in a way that resonates with them and gets your brand noticed.

To learn more about how government contractors can prepare for upcoming social media campaigns, GovExec sat down with Studio 2G’s Meta Blueprint Certified Media Planner, Iris Konstant. Here are her tips and tricks for supercharging your social campaigns: 

  1. Tell a story and don’t be afraid to show your brand’s personality! Users on social media value genuine and authentic copy. 
  2. Select four to five different versions of ad copy and creatives. Selecting multiple versions will help the algorithm optimize for best-performing content depending on how your target audience interacts with the assets.
  3. Screen for audience overlap. You should ideally see less than 5% overlap between audiences, but if there is more than a 5% overlap between audiences, you should look at strategically excluding less preferred audiences from your campaign. 
  4. Avoid creating multiple ad sets. Creating multiple ad sets often leads to campaign underperformance as the algorithm views these ad sets as competitors. Instead, include all of your target audiences into one larger ad set. The algorithm will optimize to the best performing audience. 
  5. Don’t let one campaign cloud your judgment. Sometimes algorithms change, and that affects campaign performance. To remedy this, invest in long-term campaigns that will help you see the real benefit of social media. And Studio 2G’s new subscription-based consulting services can help you achieve just that. 

Interested in leveraging the power of social media to reach government decision-makers? Connect with the GovExec team to learn more!

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