Meet The Contacts Behind the Contracts with GovTribe's New Personas Feature
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Meet the Contacts Behind the Contracts with GovTribe's New Personas Feature

May 12, 2023

Every marketer, sales, or business development professional knows that the key to effective marketing is tailoring content based on your audience. Persona-based marketing involves creating detailed profiles of your ideal government customers according to their behaviors, interests, and needs. Once personas are determined, government marketers can choose the solutions and messaging that will fit each persona, creating more personalized, super-targeted interactions. Equipped with a clear understanding of the intricacies within your audience, you can deploy campaigns that address their specific pain points, provide solutions, and deliver value.

So, what if you knew your buyers so well that they sought out your services and looked to your business as the industry standard?

Whether you’re a marketer looking to target new federal contracting leads, a sales or business development associate trying to close more deals, or a small business owner looking to expand into federal contracting, you should know one thing: the first step to winning government contracts is understanding the buyers and industry contacts in your market.

Now, GovTribe’s new Personas feature gives you the power to make that your reality.

Personas is a new feature on the GovTribe platform that allows you to uncover powerful insights into government buyer and industry behaviors, interests, and purchasing patterns. Personas gives you an unparalleled competitive edge in government contracting. With this data, you can craft personalized messaging that drives awareness and builds trust with the contacts that matter most, teeing you up for a home run.

What exactly does Personas offer?

Reach Buyers Before RFPs

Find, learn about, and contact buyers, teaming partners, mentors, and more, long before RFPs are released. This means you can start building relationships and shaping future contract requirements early on, giving you a head start in the bidding process.

Discover Exclusive Industry Insights

Uncover valuable intelligence on the interests, behaviors, and purchasing patterns of key industry players. This information can help you make better-informed decisions and tailor your business development and marketing efforts to speak to your ideal customer personas.

Export Customized Contact Lists

Create and download personalized contact lists based on your target market. You can add contacts individually or filter them by agency, NAICS code, market, activity, and more. Plus, the wizard function makes it easy to get help if you need it.

Utilize Data-Informed Marketing

Marketing professionals specifically can use Personas data to create thoughtful campaigns that target high-value individuals, achieving greater returns on smaller, more focused campaign investments. These highly personalized campaigns can increase the likelihood of your organization’s key differentiators being part of the RFP requirements, making your organization the only company capable of doing the work.

Instead of relying on a cold call and crossing your fingers, use GovTribe’s Personas feature to get into the mind of your buyer before ever picking up the phone.

By leveraging GovTribe's Personas feature, you can focus your efforts on engaging with the right government people, creating brand awareness, targeting competitor markets (or breaking into new ones), or increasing the likelihood of simplified acquisition. With exclusive insights and targeted contact lists, you can unlock a wealth of opportunities for your business.

This is persona-based marketing made easy.

Try GovTribe Personas today.

For information on how to integrate personas into your marketing strategy,

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