Is a brand promise enough? No.
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Is a brand promise enough? No.

Susan Rose, Senior Director, Insights & Content, GovExec

Aug. 22, 2023

For any company, there are few things more important than understanding your brand promise — except, possibly, consistently delivering on that promise.

Together, these two things represent your reputation. And reputation is everything in the GovCon space.

Your reputation precedes you into any room. It is the reaction someone has when they see your company mentioned online. It is the feeling they have when they see your company’s name on the sponsors and exhibitors page of an event.

Your reputation directly impacts whether the government will trust you with millions of dollars for products and services that agencies will use for decades.

Without a well-defined brand and processes to ensure consistent service delivery, you don’t own the narrative that defines your reputation. Internally, your team may have a strong grasp of your company’s value, but government decision makers may have an entirely different view of your company.

What a Strong Brand Does for You

Public sector agencies have one thing in common: People run them. People exactly like you. Brands that continuously align the company with its core values connect to the people who rely on them. When the core brand values are inconsistent, it becomes difficult for individuals to understand what you stand for—which affects your reputation.

Creating a memorable, respected, and trusted brand where you own the narrative:

- Makes demand-generation activities more effective.

- Lowers the cost of sales because prospects know and trust you.

- Lets your company command premium prices.

How to Own Your Brand Narrative

Leading Brands own their narrative.


They never assume they know what their clients and prospects think. They ask.

They ask via brand perception and customer satisfaction research they conduct year over year. They conduct focus groups and participate in roundtables and events that put them in a position to hear directly what customers want and need—and think about the brand’s ability to deliver.

This commitment to brand perception awareness is how the 40 technology sector and 20 defense sector brands made it into the 2023 GovExec Leading Brands study.

The Public Sector Leading Brands

For the first time this year, the Leading Brands study looks beyond brand perception to client satisfaction to assess if brands are, in fact, delivering on their brand promise.

The highlights of the study provide valuable insight to any company working with the public sector: whether an established player in the market or a company just entering the arena. Serving as a benchmark, the study looks at a variety of factors from how brands are perceived across multiple public sector verticals, customer vs. non-customer information, or the brand’s association with leading concepts such as Cyber, Digital Transformation, AI, and Cloud, and more. It then dives into whether the brands deliver on their promise.

Learning what government decision makers feel about these topics provides insights any marketing or business development team can leverage.

Join the conversation

Overall, the Leading Brands study offers a succinct view into the question of brand positioning and tracking. It is the largest government decision-makers study capturing the priorities and perceptions of buying teams across federal agencies.

On September 21, 2023, GovExec will release the 2023 Leading Brands results with help from some long-time colleagues and leaders in the public sector. The breakfast event will include a panel discussion with public sector leaders. Among other things, they will discuss what marketing can do when the clients do not have a great perception of the brand.

The breakfast event is our gift to the GovCon community. At this complimentary breakfast you will:

- Learn who the top brands for 2023 in the public sector market are.

- Hear about new aspects of the study that give the results more meaning.

- Network with the leading brands.

- Hear from an expert panel about how brand perception and customer satisfaction are connected… and what that means for you

Register today!

Registration closes on September 18.

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