Introducing Our New Brand Identity
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Introducing Our New Brand Identity

Catalyzing the Government Mission

May 20, 2021

Our company has always been a catalyst for the government mission. 

Amid times of change, we have a track record of innovating and evolving. It is in our DNA. Every day, we look for new ways to build cutting edge tools that support the entire government ecosystem as they pursue a better future for society. Even in the early days of the internet age, we were first in this space to launch digital sites and move into digital experiences. As new user behaviors have emerged, we’ve been quick to spot what will stick and what will fade. And as access to government leaders has become both more important and more complex, we’re buoyed by our foresight to build, maintain and scale what is the largest and most powerful database in the public sector. 

As we look to the future, we are once again at a moment of unique change in our market. 

The ways government leaders and the private sector partners who support them deliver on their mission are evolving at a faster rate than ever before. Data and technology is now a centerpiece of government decision making and execution. New priorities—ranging from digital citizen engagement and cybersecurity to remote workforce enablement and connected battlespaces—are pervasive in today’s landscape and will continue to be as we move into the future. Data, technology and intelligence has also changed government procurement, impacting how agencies source solutions and how contractors build their strategies and compete.

Meanwhile, engagement in the government space is rapidly changing. The ways we connect, convene, sell, and market have all been permanently transformed. Security and privacy measures have increased. Performance-driven targets and results are a must. And the attention economy is noisier than ever before, with new competitors and platforms looking to make their mark in this sector.

As we’ve done before at times of transformation, we too are changing. Why? Because catalyzing the government mission requires it.  

We are developing new capabilities and acquiring new brands and solutions. We are investing in data and insights, growing and enriching what is already the largest database in the public sector. We are exploring new digital platforms and ways to deliver must-have information and insights to government leaders. And we are doing it under a new identity, pivoting away from the moniker of Government Executive Media Group, and reintroducing ourselves as GovExec.

Our new identity is driven by our vision of the future—a vision where data informs, media connects, and marketing services activate. Our platform will continue to expand and adapt under these three pillars:

  • Data That Informs. Predictive intelligence on the opportunities to approach across federal, defense, state and local and real-time insights on how to win them.

  • Media That Connects. Trusted, market-leading information platforms that convene and mobilize the largest and most influential audience in the public sector.

  • Marketing Services That Activate. Modern, digital-first connection tools designed to reach the right government buyers and purchase influencers and generate sustained engagement.

We will remain true and steadfast to our values, working tirelessly to empower the full government ecosystem to make informed decisions and deliver an improved society for citizens.  But we will do so under a refreshed identity that signals who we are and where we are going. 

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