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Narrow Your audience, Improve Your Leads

With Susan Rose, Senior Director of Insights and Content for GovExec

March 28, 2024

Want better leads? Narrow your audience. 

For every project, we ask who the audience is at the kick off to help focus the asset in order to appeal to a specific profile for lead generation. And spoiler, the answer, “all CIOs, program managers, and IT leads” is not the right one. 

Those are three distinctive audiences who want and need different information. Trying to make one piece of content fit all of their needs results in creating something that doesn’t really help any of them.

When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one. The impact: lower quality leads.

In over 30 years of doing this work, I have found that if you speak to one audience, the message will actually resonate with people outside of that group. Weird, but true. 

It’s because when you speak to one audience, your message is clearer and the point you are making is stronger. It makes the audience feel seen and heard. 

Buyer personas help with this direct, focused communication.
(If you don’t have detailed buyer personas, our FIT Personas study can help.)

And even if you aren’t using personas, pick one audience. Trust that if you focus your content/campaign on that audience, it will resonate for other audiences. And that will improve the leads you generate.

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