GovExec’s Evening of Honors 2023
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GovExec’s Evening of Honors 2023

An Interview with Troy Schneider, President of GovExec 360

Dec. 14, 2022

GovExec’s 2023 Evening of Honors will recognize the people in government and the people partnering with the government who go above and beyond to achieve its critical mission. On April 20th, 2023 at the National Cathedral, FCW and Government Executive will honor the current and former government officials and industry stakeholders who have made historic achievements and advances across government with the Federal 100 Awards and the Government Hall of Fame. To learn more about this event, our team spoke to Troy Schneider, President of GovExec 360.

Can you share a little bit about GovExec’s Evening of Honors, what to expect, and what makes it so special?

Schneider: Let’s start with what makes it so special. Most of the time, when the public pays attention to the government it’s because something has gone wrong. And increasingly, our political polarization pulls public servants into an unfair and unwelcome spotlight. But there’s so much great work being done in the public sector, by individuals who are sincerely driven to make government function better. So the Federal 100 Awards and the Government Hall of Fame provide an all-too-rare chance to learn about and celebrate what’s really working. 

As for what to expect – it truly is a celebration. A black-tie event that brings together hundreds of government’s most important innovators and change agents, as well as their colleagues and supporters from across the community. The winners are certainly showcased, but this is not your interminable awards banquet with wall-to-wall speeches – the entire evening is designed to give the winners and other attendees the chance to connect, socialize and celebrate. 

Both the Federal 100 and the Government Hall of Fame are currently accepting nominations. Can you tell us what makes a good nominee for these awards?

Schneider: The Federal 100 Awards recognize outstanding individual achievements in federal IT over the past calendar year. A good nominee will have had a clear and measurable impact in 2022, and done so in a way that goes above and beyond what their job requires. 

The Hall of Fame takes a broader perspective, looking at all corners of government and across an individual’s entire career. But here too, the honorees have played an outsize role in making government work better. 

Who are some of the past recipients of these awards?

Schneider: Government Hall of Fame inductees include Anthony Fauci, Condoleezza Rice, Grace Hopper, and John Glenn, among others.  

Recent Federal 100 Award winners include Christopher Krebs, Soraya Correa, Lauren Knausenberger, David Egts, Paul Puckett, Stephanie Mango, Suzette Kent, and Craig Abod. 

What are the audience expectations for this event?

Schneider: Get ready to meet some of the most remarkable people in the public sector, and to learn about what’s happening behind the headlines in government today. The food and drink are lovely, and the National Cathedral is a truly amazing venue, but ultimately this event is all about the other people in the room. Last year’s ceremonies had 467 attendees, over 100 distinguished VIPs in the room, and 37 sponsoring companies.

How can companies benefit from sponsoring GovExec’s Evening of Honors?

Schneider: In terms of visibility, this really is the event that attracts most everyone who matters in government today – you need to be there. More importantly, it’s a chance to showcase the contributions your own employees are making and the agencies where that work is being done. And it’s a once-a-year opportunity to align with the outstanding accomplishments that are being made across the government. 

Is there anything more you would like to add?

Schneider: Paying close attention to the public sector is my job, but I learn so much through this awards process every year – it’s amazing how many critical missions are moving forward throughout the year, and how important individual innovation is to those efforts.  

This sounds cliche, but meeting these winners and learning about their accomplishments makes you feel better about both your government and your country. I’d encourage everyone to see for themselves.

Nominations for the Federal 100 and Government Hall of Fame close on December 31st, 2022.

The Federal 100 are the original and most prestigious awards celebration of federal IT professionals who are paving the future. Each year, we honor the leaders at all levels who have gone above and beyond to show how technology can be leveraged to make the government run better. Experience this monumental moment in government like never before as we recognize the individuals who have made significant impacts on the greater community.

The Government Hall of Fame honors the best of the best: those who have demonstrated sustained achievement and unparalleled dedication to public service throughout their careers. The Hall of Fame inductees have done much more than achieve a singular accomplishment; they have made historic progress in changing government for the better, and their influence will live on for generations. Each year a new class of inductees will be added to this group’s elite membership.

To nominate someone for the Federal 100 or the Government Hall of Fame, or for more information on this event, visit

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