Reliving the Magic: Celebrating the Rockstars of Public Service at GovExec's 2024 Evening of Honors
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Reliving the Magic

Celebrating the Rockstars of Public Service at GovExec's 2024 Evening of Honors

May 30, 2024

The sun descended behind the Washington D.C. skyline, painting hues of orange and pink. Along The Wharf, a buzz of anticipation crackled in the evening air.

The Anthem, the iconic venue known for hosting rockstars, was poised to welcome a different kind of superstar—the heroes of public service.

This is GovExec’s Evening of Honors.

Setting the Stage

As twilight enveloped the city, the marquee of The Anthem glowed with "An Evening of Honors." Inside, vibrant roses mirrored the sunset and bloomed with enchanting fragrance. Regal marble accents gleamed under the soft lighting.

Guests, impeccably attired, sipped colorful cocktails in the intimate AT&T lounges and on the balcony overlooking the shimmering water.

Conversations hummed as federal employees, government contractors, and industry leaders mingled, shared stories, and formed new connections.

The stage was set for a perfect evening.

Celebrating the Federal 100 Winners

The program began with a powerful address by Christina Ruffini, a renowned foreign affairs journalist. Ruffini eloquently emphasized the importance of collaboration, diversity of ideas, and interdisciplinary cooperation, underscoring the night’s theme – celebrating the people.

The prestigious Federal 100 Awards are the gold standard in federal IT recognition. This year's cohort featured diverse individuals who pushed the boundaries of what is possible.

"IT professionals are a fundamental part of our federal and government systems. It is their work that allows operations to not only run smoothly, but keep up with the pace of today's increasingly complex technical landscape."
–Adam Mazmanian, Executive Editor of Nextgov/FCW 

From the ranks of the Federal 100 winners come the Eagle Awards, presented to one government and one private sector recipient who stood out as the best of the best.

It was our great pleasure to recognize this year’s honorees:

  • David Shive, Chief Information Officer of the U.S. General Services Administration, received the Government Eagle Award. His heartfelt speech highlighted that people, not fancy technology, are the most important focus in government IT.
  • Nick Sinai, Senior Advisor for Insight Partners, was honored with the Industry Eagle Award. He shared his inspiring journey and showcased the crucial role of industry partnerships in advancing government initiatives.

Honoring the Government Hall of Fame Inductees

The Government Hall of Fame recognizes those who have made historic achievements in service to the federal government and the American people. Since 2019, a distinguished group of individuals, ranging from Clara Barton to Anthony Fauci, have been inducted.

"This year's Government Hall of Fame inductees are prime examples of the powerful change public servants can instill. Their expertise and dedication saw our country through monumental milestones across social movements, military transformations, scientific advancements, and disaster responses. We are excited to pay tribute to these incredible achievements and the impacts that they have had on our country."
–Tanya Ballard Brown, Executive Editor of Government Executive

Five pioneers were inducted into the Hall of Fame this year, including Gregory L. Robinson, who took the stage to thunderous applause. Robinson is a 33-year NASA veteran renowned for turning the James Webb Space Telescope program into a 21st-century success.


A Night Full of Stars

The gala welcomed 80 of the Federal 100 winners and representatives from over 300 agencies.

The extensive roster of VIPs included:

  • Drenan Dudley, Deputy National Cyber Director for Strategy and Budget, Office of the National Cyber Director, The White House
  • Guy Cavallo, Chief Information Officer, Office of Personnel Management
  • Ann Dunkin, Chief Information Officer, Department of Energy
  • Sonny Hashmi, Former Commissioner, Federal Acquisition Service, General Services Administration
  • Martha Jasper, Deputy Director, Defense Information Systems Agency
  • Chris Kuang, Co-Founder and Deputy Director, U.S. Digital Corps
  • Seeyew Mo, Assistant National Cyber Director for Workforce, Education, and Awareness, Office of the National Cyber Director, The White House
  • Drew Myklegard, Deputy Federal Chief Information Officer, Office of Management and Budget
  • Melinda Rogers, Chief Information Officer, Department of Justice

The formal program concluded, but the night was far from over.

VIPs were invited to The Brighton for an exclusive after-party sponsored by Appian. The atmosphere was vibrant and inviting, with tailor-made cocktails and custom-branded elements creating a perfect setting for continued networking and celebration.

Laughter and conversation flowed as freely as the drinks, capping off an unforgettable evening.

Looking Ahead

After the 2024 gala’s resounding success, GovExec's Evening of Honors has cemented its place as the premier event celebrating public service excellence.

With a record attendance and 37 sponsors, including Government Hall of Fame Founding Underwriter AT&T Public Sector; Diamond Underwriters Google Public Sector and SAIC; and Elite Underwriters Carahsoft, ServiceNow, and Amazon Web Services; the event’s influence has surged, promising even greater impact in the future.

The excitement for next year is already palpable.

The 2025 Evening of Honors promises to be another spectacular celebration of those driving progress and innovation in government.

With sponsorship opportunities still available, now is the time to secure your spot and join an event that makes a difference. 

Let's continue to celebrate and support the remarkable achievements of our government and industry leaders. We look forward to seeing you there!

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