5 Trends Driving the B2G Landscape in 2024
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5 Trends Driving the B2G Landscape in 2024

Jan. 11, 2024

In a rapidly evolving B2G landscape, understanding and adapting to emerging trends is crucial. At GovExec’s 2024 Market Preview, Chief Revenue Officer, Constance Sayers, and Chief Executive Officer, Tim Hartman, discussed the five pivotal trends shaping the B2G arena for 2024.

Trend #1: AI for Marketing

The infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into marketing processes is undeniable. With an astonishing $1.9 billion tied to AI-related initiatives in government as of FY23, the landscape is ripe for transformation. Contrary to misconceptions, AI won't replace human roles, but augment them.

  • Impact: AI will propel marketing to the forefront of sales activity. Marketers will evolve into platform managers, overseeing content creation, editing, project management, and analytics.
  • Recommendation: Embrace AI as an enabler. While AI generates content, focus on refining, editing, and distributing it strategically.

Trend #2: Account-Based Everything

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) works, but not to scale. With the help of AI, GovExec is orchestrating a monumental shift from ABM to Account-Based Intelligence (ABI). The goal is to harness data-driven insights for hyper-targeted marketing strategies so you can finally achieve ABM to scale.

  • Impact: ABI fosters better orchestration across marketing, business development, sales, and customer support. It paves the way for dynamic, personalized content, leveraging AI and data for customized campaigns.
  • Recommendation: Prioritize data integration. Harness insights to craft tailored messages, driving meaningful engagements with specific accounts and leads.

Trend #3: Evolving the Role of the SME

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are invaluable in establishing brand trust, humanizing content, and providing thought leadership. However, the bar is rising.

  • Impact: With an influx of SMEs, differentiation is crucial. Authenticity, timeliness, relevance, and innovative distribution channels are paramount.
  • Recommendation: Elevate SME positioning through credible platforms, such as professional associations and trusted publications. Focus on addressing market pain points rather than merely product-centric narratives.

Trend #4: The End of the Digital Cookie

The imminent demise of 3rd party cookies necessitates a shift towards zero and first-party data.

  • Impact: The focus pivots to voluntary user data, ensuring accuracy, consent, and enhanced customer experiences. This transition emphasizes the role of niche and trusted publishers, like GovExec, with reliable first-party data.
  • Recommendation: Focus on engaging content and user-driven experiences. Prioritize zero and first-party data collection strategies to understand and cater to audience preferences effectively.

Trend #5: The Flaky Events Registrant

Post-COVID, events demand purpose and value. Attendees seek networking, expert interactions, and hands-on experiences.

  • Impact: Event marketing requires a more tailored approach, with a focus on extended runways, hyper-specific content, and multi-touch reminders.
  • Recommendation: Extend marketing lead times, tailor content, increase touchpoints, and leverage insights from registrants and attendees for post-event nurturing.

The B2G landscape in 2024 is dynamic, presenting both challenges and opportunities. By embracing AI, refining account-based strategies, elevating SME roles, adapting to the digital cookie's end, and reimagining event marketing, government marketers and contractors can navigate this landscape with confidence. Stay tuned to GovExec for more insights and strategies to thrive in this evolving ecosystem.

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