GovExec Acquires CJIS GROUP, Leading Provider of Procurement Data for State and Local Market
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GovExec Acquires CJIS GROUP, Leading Provider of Procurement Data for State and Local Market

June 17, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC — June 17, 2022 —  GovExec, the market-leading sales and marketing intelligence company for government leaders and contractors, announced today that it has acquired CJIS GROUP, a leading provider of RFP and procurement data in the state and local market. The financial terms of the investment are not being disclosed. The announcement was made by Tim Hartman, CEO of GovExec. Peter Goldstone, Chairman of GovExec, served as an advisor, and the deal was completed with financial support from mid-market private equity firm Growth Catalyst Partners (GCP).
Today’s acquisition further reinforces GovExec’s position as the most advanced end-to-end sales and marketing intelligence provider in the state and local, federal and defense markets. As part of this acquisition, GovExec will soon incorporate CJIS GROUP’s RFP procurement data into The Atlas’ MarketEdge platform, launched by The Atlas for the state and local government sector in Fall 2021. This will create a suite of services unique in the market for pre-RFP intelligence, opportunity data, contact data and leads.

“The SLED market is fast approaching $3 trillion and yet it still remains complicated to navigate,” said Hartman. “The company is continually looking for ways to reduce friction in the buyer journey and bring our clients more purchase intent, insights, and marketing. With this announcement, GovExec’s portfolio will radically improve the way the public and private sectors work together in state and local government.“
The intelligence in GovExec’s state and local portfolio is powered by more than three million first-party authenticated data points each month, as well as active opportunities in the planning stage and in procurement. This market intelligence fuels the predictive buying forecasts that enable vendors to execute sales and marketing strategies in a market that is notoriously opaque, segmented, and fragmented.
“We are on a mission to transform how the public and private sectors work together and ultimately, to build better cities. Public procurement is broken - it’s opaque, slow, and bespoke,” said Elle Hempen, co-founder of The Atlas. “With active opportunity data in our MarketEdge platform, our customers will be empowered to get ahead of RFPs and pursue data-driven sales and marketing strategies.”

CJIS GROUP’s CEO, David Heineman stated, “We have been watching the incredible growth at GovExec and The Atlas and knew that our data and intelligence product would be a perfect complement to their solutions. As we began discussions on how best to work together, it became clear that becoming part of the company made the most sense. I am thrilled that CJIS GROUP’S data and market insights can now help power a leading product like MarketEdge, giving our clients the edge they want and need in the state and local marketplace.”

For the government contractor, GovExec provides the most cutting-edge sales and marketing intelligence across federal, state and local and defense. Their suite of tools drives more opportunities to identify, compete and win government contracts.


About GovExec:
GovExec’s data and insights set the standard for depth, accuracy, and impact for government leaders and contractors. GovExec provides data-driven strategic sales and marketing intelligence solutions that accelerate revenue growth to fuel market success. The platform is powered by the largest and most sophisticated database in the public sector, reaching over 3.3 million government influencers each month.
About CJIS:
CJIS GROUP is the leading provider of market intelligence to IT vendors focusing on state and local government in the United States.  For over 20 years, technology vendors have worked with CJIS GROUP to save time and money in identifying and qualifying sales prospects and to win business.
CJIS GROUP’s market intelligence tool simplifies selling to state and local government agencies by gathering comprehensive information about projects from early planning stages, to RFP, to contract award.  Our detailed agency profiles contain a snapshot of contacts, current technology environment and recent activity, arming sales and marketing teams with the intelligence they need to succeed.

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