Our mission.

When we need to do big things in the world—such as COVID response, rebuilding after natural disasters, improving the lives of the poor, providing national or local security—we call on the government to lead and develop solutions. At GovExec, our mission is to inform and inspire government leaders and civil servants at all levels to achieve the goals of improving society. We do this by providing them and the partners that support them with information, data, and insights that enable them to pursue excellence in their work and make the world a better place.

Our story.

More than 50 years ago, Government Executive was founded to “publish challenging ideas, tempered only by the demand that our work be responsible journalism,” as stated by Founding Editor and Publisher C.W. Borklund.

While the portfolio has expanded to include six digital publications—Government Executive, Nextgov, Defense One, Route Fifty, City & State New York, and City & State Pennsylvania—the most unique data and insights community platform in the public sector, The Atlas for Cities, as well as live and online events, high-quality research, and a custom content studio, GovExec has not wavered in its commitment to bring clarity to the government issues of today and tomorrow.

Throughout our evolution, our audience—leaders across all facets of government and those in the public sector who support them—remains at the heart of what we do.

"We understand how to get the government mission done, and regardless of who you are, we understand how you can support that mission to achieve great results."

Tim Hartman, Chief Executive Officer, GovExec


GovExec is powered by talented, passionate, innovative leaders committed to catalyzing the government mission.

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Tim Hartman

Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Editor in Chief, GovExec

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Editor in Chief, City and State

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Publisher and General Manager, City and State

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Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, The Atlas

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Executive Vice President and Co-Founder, The Atlas

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Group Publisher, Federal

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Group Publisher, SLED

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Group Publisher, Defense

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Publisher, Government Executive

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Deputy Editor, Government Executive

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Executive Editor, Defense One

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Executive Editor, Nextgov

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Managing Editor, Nextgov

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Senior Editor, Route Fifty

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Senior Editor, Route Fifty